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The 2017 Emmy Nominations we’re announced yesterday and we’ve all been celebrating RuPaul and RuPaul’s Drag Race with firework emojis, screams, and more!

But, we can’t forget about our favorite Queer character, Barb Holland from Stranger Things!

Bisexual, Shannon Purser, is now an Emmy Nominated Actress for a mere 12 minutes of screentime in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The ground breaking Netflix series recently teased the second season with a wicked, 80s era movie poster, and also have claimed there will be, as the hashtag trended, #JusticeForBarb.


Barb, an obviously-closeted (and fashionable) lesbian’s life is cut short early on in the first season of Stranger Things…and no character in the story really seemed to care…

Although her time was cut short, Barb made a lasting impression on

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