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Drag Race royalty Peppermint has two simple requirements when it comes to love.

“The bar, unfortunately for trans women, is low,” the New York native sighs when I ask, “what’s a guy gotta do to impress Peppermint?”

“It should not be, but it can be exceptionally low,” she continues. “Obviously, we have to be attracted to each other. But the attraction part is usually the easiest, it’s automatic, and it’s difficult to fake that. So once you get past the attraction, then what’s left?”

Peppermint’s needs and desires, her relatable experiences with f**kbois and casual hook-ups, as well as the intimacies of a loving, long-term relationship, are laid bare in her new album, A Girl Like Me: Letter to My Lovers, out Friday (October 16).

“I wanted to make this album


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