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The AV Club reports:

The CW has released a trailer for its new “Dynasty” to premiere in fall. Fans of the original campy, soapy, sexy ’80s ABC nighttime drama will not be disappointed. But rather than focus on the angel-vs-bitch, first wife vs the new wife set-up pitting Krystal against Alexis (AKA Linda Evans and Joan Collins), this reboot will showcase daughter Fallon pitted against her father’s new love, this time a Latina named Cristal. Holy diversity!

Who knows if the family business is still oil (they are now a “global energy empire”), but the Carringtons (headed by former “Melrose Place” stud Grant Show) are still a sexy, usually unclothed lot. Brother Steven is still gay and apparently horny. This time, randy Sammy Jo is a boy! (Sorry Heather Locklear!)


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