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Right-wing pundit Darren Grimes has claimed that the coronavirus pandemic proves that it’s “narcissism” to care about “trendy pansexuality”.

Grimes, a former fashion student who appears regularly on the BBC and ran the controversial BeLeave campaign during the EU referendum, decided to put out the odd take on the day that Boris Johnson declared a national lockdown.

Darren Grimes thinks the big take-away from coronavirus is that pansexuality is too ‘trendy’.

He tweeted: “If there’s owt good that can come from this, I hope it enables us to realise:

“• That leaving the EU really isn’t the end of the world • An obsession with trendy pansexuality, gender and pronouns is just narcissism • That, at the end of the day, all we have is each other.”

It is unclear why


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