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Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor is clapping back at homophobic criticism from viewers over his character Oswald Cobblepott (a.k.a. The Penguin’s) romantic interest in another man, Edward Nygma. Some fans seemed to take issue with this queer element not being part of established comic book canon. 

Taylor tells Collider at a March press conference:

“But, you know, when we introduce a queer storyline: ‘Eh, we love you and we love the show, but this really bothers me because you’re really messing with the character’s origins.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re homophobic, that’s homophobic,” Taylor said at the event.

Specifically referencing the queer element between his character Cobblepott and his romantic feelings for Nygma, portrayed by Cory Michael Smith, Taylor shares:

“I have to say the fact that we introduced a queer element to

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