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Former Cheers actress, UK Celebrity Big Brother contestant, and Scientologist Kirstie Alley trended on Twitter Tuesday after unloading effusive praise on Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus (which he retweeted, of course).

Thank you Kirstie!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 24, 2020

Tweeted Alley: “Dear Mr. President, @realDonaldTrump I wanted to thank you for ur recent decorum, sincerity, & care towards us. You’re taking charge & leading in a manner needed & wanted for this country. I highly commend you for ur boundless energy & willingness to solve problems. Thank you”

Of course people had a lot to say about it.

“Thank you for ur recent decorum“ and “leading in a manner needed & wanted“ ???

2 months late
Malaria pills
Attacking reporters
Nobody thanked me for donating my presidential salary
Mocks Mitt Romney


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