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Dominic (left)
Age: 25
Occupation: Support worker

Padraig (left)
Age: 27
Occupation: Journalist

What were your first impressions?

Dominic: Thank goodness he’s not the size of a house and is dressed for the occasion.

Padraig: Great smile, eyes, teeth and hair, the first things I notice about a guy. He said he was glad I wasn’t like Peter from Family Guy — we laughed because I thought the same thing!

Would you have swiped left or right?

D: Truthfully, before our date based purely on looks I’d have swiped left as he seemed a little young looking and I usually swipe older guys.

P: Definitely right.

How was the conversation and what did you talk about?

D: I had a cocktail or two to calm my nerves first so the conversation flowed well. We discussed a


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