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Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” was released 10 years ago, on 11 February, 2011, and within nanoseconds became an unapologetically queer anthem.

You’ve heard it everywhere. Pumped out during Pride parades. Blasted from the speakers of clubs. And, for a select few, playing out of your computer while you played the Lady Gaga Farmville spinoff, Gagaville.

With its jangly disco beats, Lady Gaga released “Born This Way” at a time when she seemingly spun up an entirely new persona every news cycle.

It was the title track of an album that was truly peak Gaga, a funhouse of music that juddered between churchy organs and rakish paganistic rock. But “Born This Way” was the album’s manifesto.

As much as its lyrics sound like an empowering statement of authenticity at their best


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