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Twelve years ago today, Lady Gaga did what she does best – reinvention.

She revised, reissued, and rebirthed her debut album and dropped The Fame Monster on 18 November, 2009.

It was the album that ruptured the powdery pop of the late 00s. Bringing in her potpourri of studs, silk, vinyl, leather, a lot of lace, razors, butterflies, bathtubs, bubbles, mirrored balls, dollar bill piles, inflatable whales being humped in a kiddie pool and confessionary music all to the charts.

It was the original Gaga, a pop-culture juggernaut we now know changes up her image at speeds that makes David Bowie seem slow and static.

On the anniversary of The Fame Monster, here are seven things you may not know about her defining electropop album

1. Lady Gaga was hesitant to drop


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