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Party-goers at Margate Arts Club’s Big Gay Prom (All images: Stephen Daly)

“The queer community feels small enough here that I can fit my arms around them and hug them,” says a friendly partygoer at Margate Arts Club of the tightknit group of LGBTQ+s who call the seaside town home. It’s Saturday night and the venue is at capacity.  

Dubbed Shoreditch-on-Sea, Margate has long been hip on a cellular level, thanks in part to the influence of its most famous resident, anarchic artist Tracey Emin, and the enduring appeal of the delightfully retro Dreamland amusement park, which comes complete with roller disco and rickety, 100-year-old rollercoaster.

But since Sink the Pink co-founder Amy Zing and her partner Luke (Pompom) Vandenberg upped sticks and moved


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