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We’ve always had good reason to thank ABBA for the music. Now it’s time to thank the Southbank Centre for putting that music in context in a chronological exhibition which (helped immensely by items loaned from ABBA The Museum in Stockholm) is immersive, innovative, informative and above all celebratory.

A surprise guest at this week’s launch of ABBA: Super Troupers, Bjorn Ulvaeus summed it up perfectly. “It’s the opposite of all those huge, technically advanced, virtual reality exhibitions,” declared one fourth of arguably the world’s greatest-ever pop group. “It’s much more intimate, it’s warm and it has a sense of humour.”

Fan letters to ABBA from across the world. Photo credit: Mikael Bodner. Courtesy of ABBA The Museum.

I say ‘arguably’ but for me there’s no disputing Abba’s status at


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