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Xavier Espot Zamora (Image: X/@XavierEspot)

The Prime Minister of Andorra, Xavier Espot Zamora, has come out as gay.

Zamora, 43, spoke about his sexuality in an interview on Monday (11 September) with Radio and Television of Andorra.

“I’m gay. I’ve never hid it,” he said. “Now, if I’m not asked, I don’t have to say it either, in the sense that it doesn’t define the entirety of who I am and even less of my personal politics.

“But at the same time, I think it shouldn’t be a problem to express it.”

Zamora continued: “And if this helps many children, young people or teenagers, who are going through a difficult time, see that in the end, regardless of their condition or sexual orientation, in this country, you can prosper


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