Posted by on January 8, 2021 5:27 pm
Originally From: Pink News


Anti-LGBT+ Virginia state senator Amanda Chase has refused to back down after addressing the mob that assaulted democracy at the US Capitol.

Chase addressed the crowd of Trump extremists and violent white supremacist insurrectionists, many armed with bats, shields and chemical sprays, at the Wednesday (6 January) rally that later exploded into a confused and frenzied breaching of the Capitol.

Four rioters and a US Capitol Police officer died in the ensuing chaos with at least 56 DC Metropolitan Police officers injured, CNN reported, as insurrectionists attempted a coup by storming the seat of US power to falsely declare Donald Trump the winner of the presidential election.

Chase, who spoke to the crowd earlier that day, wrote on Facebook: “I had to be there today to represent those of us who believe this


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