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Originally From: Attitude

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This article first appeared in Attitude issue 290, December 2017.

This month, an entire issue dedicated to the most toxic thing to happen to the planet. Masculinity has given us genocide, war, religion, corruption, oppression, the nuclear arms race and Donald Trump.

Ever since the earliest communities of Homo Sapiens formed — evolving into villages, towns, cities, empires, Coca-Cola and Google — fragile male egos have let testosterone run riot, arrogantly calling the shots. Men have raped, pillaged, destroyed and plundered. They have favoured male heirs to the throne, passing their frustrated sperm to wife after wife, seeking to propagate a conceited lineage.

Countless social commentators criticise gender as an illusion. But what does that mean? People are born with cocks or fannies, aren’t they? Well, technically, yes. And sometimes, people


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