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Bad Bunny (Images: Instagram/@Badbunny)

Bad Bunny has addressed accusations of queer-baiting in a new interview with Vanity Fair.

The ‘K-pop’ singer is known for wearing dresses and skirts on the red carpet, in photoshoots and in videos. (For instance, donning a 26-foot train to this year’s Met Gala in New York City.)

However, much like Harry Styles before him, Bad Bunny’s seeming embrace of gender-queer fashion despite his assumed identity as a cis-het man has led to criticism from some quarters.

Similarly, after he kissed a male back-up dancer at the 2022 VMAs, critics complained his projected LGBTQ ambiguity was a marketing strategy.

“Maybe the queer person suffers more” – Bad Bunny

“I get an endless number of negative comments and sexist and homophobic ones, without being homosexual,


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