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(Image: ©PhotoMaxEarey/Andy Morgan)

It’s a balmy 21 degrees in the Monteblanco circuit pitlane, and I’m blinking in the Spanish spring sunshine after the greyest of UK winters, as a hedgehog might on exit from hibernation. There is, though, not a scrap of dullard in me, I’m wide awake and can hear my own pulse. I’m strapped into the new Aston Martin Vantage, open-face helmet wedged on, and just in front of me sits Aston’s own Formula One pace car, lights ablaze.

It’s a view more regularly afforded your Max Verstappens, Lewis Hamiltons and Fernando Alonsos, so that’s one for life’s bingo card, but in the moment I’m more focused on the currently red lights to my left. When they go green, all I have to do (“all I have to


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