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The new Census data was released this morning (Friday 6 January 2023) (Image: Pexels)

Latest Census figures reveal that being bisexual is almost as common in the UK as being gay or lesbian.

Data released this morning (Friday 6 January 2023) show 1.5 million respondents (3.2%) indicted a lesbian, gay or bisexual orientation. 

Some 624,000 of the population (1.3%) said they were bisexual, with gay and lesbian identities inching ahead at 748,000 (1.5%).

“The data shows bisexual people exist and in great numbers”

“It’s great to have such solid figures from the Census data,” responded bisexual activist Lewis Oakley.

“As a bisexual, I’m particularly drawn to the fact that bisexuality is a much larger demographic than we thought. Almost as common as being gay or lesbian.

“In fact, It is very odd


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