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Catholic protesters descended on a New York cinema for the premiere of the “blasphemous” lesbian nun film Benedetta, presumably unaware it’s based on a true story.

The acclaimed film from Basic Instinct director Paul Verhoeven stars Virginie Efira as Benedetta Carlini, a novice nun in the 17th century who joins an Italian convent and has a passionate love affair with another nun.

It’s sparked predictable outrage among conservative circles, culminating in an angry picket outside the Lincoln Center in New York on Sunday (26 September).

Around 30 members of the American Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family and Property gathered to denounce the film, chanting Hail Marys into megaphones while waving a banner that declared: “We vehemently protest the blasphemous lesbian movie Benedetta, that insults the sanctity of Catholic


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