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Britney Spears was given a weekly cocktail of drugs so powerful she would speak of “parallel universes”, her former bodyguard has claimed.

Speaking to The Sun, Fernando Flores alleged that Britney would often break down in tears while being “bossed” around by her father, Jamie, who exerts control over her decision-making and finances as part of a court-ordered conservatorship.

Echoing many of the bombshells claims Britney shared in her court appearance last month, Flores spoke of an arrangement where Britney’s mobile phone is monitored and visitors have their bags searched.

Flores, 40, was worked as Britney’s minder from February to July 2010, claimed that each Friday a “woman” would arrive at her Los Angeles, California, residence to deliver her medication regimen.

“I’d explain [to Britney] what everything was,” Flores said,


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