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Posed by model (Photo: Shutterstock)

Several tweets on Twitter have gone viral in the last few days, sharing a photo of what looks like a new type of sexual lubricant.

The image depicts a special Krispy Kreme-sponsored variation of K-Y jelly entitled ‘Hole Glaze’. It promises a “warm & sticky doughnut flavor” lubricant.

One tweet has had over 100k likes and thousands of retweets.

Are you okay babe? You haven’t opened your Krispy Kreme brand KY donut flavored, warming hole glaze

— Русский Бот Бират (@BirateQueen) November 21, 2021

It’s prompted plenty of comments.

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That’s just propaganda fed to us by big lube

— Русский Бот Бират (@BirateQueen) November 22, 2021

A similar tweet from last


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