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If you haven’t seen the sexy summer film Challengers yet, you’re probably aware of the scenes that people have been excitedly discussing.

Luca Guadagnino knew exactly what he was doing… (Mild-Spoilers Ahead)

Zendaya plays a once professional tennis player that gets caught slap-bang in the middle of a love triangle. The twist is that Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist are childhood friends vying for the same girl; at whatever homoerotic costs.

During one scene Tashi (Zendaya) goes back to Art (Faist) and Patrick’s (O’Connor) hotel room, and if the sexual tension wasn’t palpable enough, Tashi asks them if they’ve ever hooked up with each other. To which Patrick admits to teaching Art how to masturbate when they were younger.

And what follows is, well, we’ll leave you


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