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Elon Musk has yet again signalled his disdain for LGBTQ+ people by suggesting he wants to remove the “groomer” slur from X/Twitter’s list of discriminatory terms.

The social media platform owner made the suggestion after responding to right-wing political pundit and self-proclaimed “gender-ideology” opponent, Billboard Chris, who complained that his post using the “groomer” slur had been flagged as hateful.

The post, which claimed that a video of Philadelphia Flyers hockey team mascot Gritty raising an LGBTQ+ flag was being used to “groom children,” was flagged by X’s rules against hateful conduct.

When the pundit complained that he didn’t understand how this could possibly violate hateful-conduct terms, Musk said that he was “fixing” the issue.

The slur and conspiracy theory falsely equates LGBTQ+ people with paedophilia


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