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Saltburn creator Emerald Fennell behind-the-scenes with, Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi (Image: Supplied)

Spoilers for Saltburn to follow… you have been warned

Emerald Fennell has addressed the queerness of new feature film Saltburn, which has been labelled by many as a “gay thriller”. 

The picture follows hardworking loner Oliver’s (Barry Keoghan) full-blow obsession for aristocrat Felix (Jacob Elordi) as they both arrive at Oxford University.

The pair grow close, and Felix soon takes pity on Oliver’s not-all-as-it-seems sob story, extending an invite to his family’s “f**k off castle” for the summer. 

When probed about the film being dubbed by some as a “queer thriller” she was hesitant to give it a direct label. 

“It’s also about loving someone who, for whatever reason, maybe isn’t capable of loving you back” –


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