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This week Twitter unveiled their new 24-hour post feature (see: Facebook, Instagram stories) although it perhaps didn’t have quite the reaction they’d expected.

The names Fleets (presumably utilising the double ‘ee’ in the word tweet, while referencing their ‘fleeting’ expiration) has sparked humour amongst gay Twitter, with it also being a brand of home enema.

you could have named it something better

— W A. ً (@allsmat) November 17, 2020

So, Twitter…who has fleeted today? #Fleets #Twitterstories

— Max Eisenstat (@Max_Eisenstat) November 18, 2020

The gay who told jack dorsey to call twitter stories fleets

— Nico Correia (@notn1co) November 17, 2020

On a side-note: the idea of Tweets disappearing after 24 hours is almost redundant because


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