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Anti-gay televangelist Irvin Baxter Jr, who in March blamed coronavirus on the “sin of fornication”, has died after a battle with the virus.

Reverend Baxter, founder of Endtime Ministries and host of End of the Age on Christian TV network Trinity Broadcasting Network, died aged 75 on Tuesday (3 November), the network said.

Televangelist Irvin Baxter had blamed coronavirus on the ‘sin of fornication’.

The Texas-based pastor was known for his doom-mongering doomsday prophecies and repeated preaching against homosexuality, citing Bible passages calling for gay people to be “put to death” as he raged against same-sex marriage and the acceptance of LGBT+ people in Christianity.

As the virus first hit the United States in March, Baxter had blamed “the sin of fornication” for the pandemic.

Televangelist and preacher Rev. Irvin


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