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Researching hotels (Image: Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels) has launched Perfect Somewheres 2024, a first-of-its-kind award for their top 1% of hotels.

Rather than focusing on luxury amenities and services, as most hotel rankings do, have based their Perfect Somewheres hotels on their proprietary guest experience data, which factors in traveller reviews, interactions with staff, and rating of hotel facilities.

Over 700 properties have been awarded “perfect” status and the microsite breaks these down into global regions.

NoMad London (Image: Provided)

The UK boasts over 30 properties on the list including high end hotels such as NoMad London and the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, but also some much more cost-effective options like Moxy Manchester City (starting from £70/night) or Minister Mill Hotel (starting from £110/night).

Minster Mill (Image: Provided)


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