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Originally From: Attitude

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Cher’s glittering showbiz career spans seven decades (Images: Machado Cicala)

Oh, how we love Cherilyn Sarkisian La Pierre – or as she’s mononymously known, Cher. And how she loves us, the gays, right back!

To celebrate 30 years of Attitude, we’re revisiting our archive, and looking at our exclusive interviews with the ‘Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves singer, one thing is clear: she’s one of our biggest allies.

“Since the beginning, there’s been an agreement – nobody actually gave a ring, but there’s always been an agreement,” the 77-year-old told us of her queer fans in 2018. “We’ve just always known about each other. We’ve always had this pact, this secret pact. No one’s ever said, ‘There’s going to be a pact’. There just always was. I don’t know it


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