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Reuben Kay (Image: Kyam Ross)

Singer, writer and comedian Reuben Kaye has toured the world, from Australia to Canada and the length and breadth of Europe, with his various stage shows. Now, his latest stop-off is Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, as he brings not one, but two productions to the 2024 Fringe.

Filled with high camp and filthy humour, and musical direction from Shanon Whitelock, the shows will keep the star busy throughout August: Live & Intimidating kicks off on 1 August, and The Kaye Hole plays the following day and on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the month.

Here, Attitude chats to Kaye about Pride, politics (“if we’re gonna be the political football we should be allowed to comment on the game”) and his love of Lorraine Kelly, friend


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