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Jake and Hannah Graf (Image: Lezli + Rose/provided)

Days before our interview with Jake and Hannah Graf, two of the country’s most recognisable parents, Attitude attends a two-year-old’s birthday party and saves several unsteady-on-their-feet toddlers from grave injuries. (They would’ve bounced back swiftly, no doubt. But we like to feel heroic.)

The organised chaos of the party proves useful: it gives us timely insight into the world of new parents. Jake and Hannah, married since 2018, are very much at that stage with Millie, three, and Teddie, one. Certainly, the day prior makes Attitude more thankful to the pair for finding the time to chat.

“We like a close family Christmas – we’re not ones for big extravagant parties,” says Hannah (Image: Lezli + Rose/provided)

“We’re tired, but really, really


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