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Janelle Monáe (Image: Aaron Parsons Photography)

I didn’t envy Janelle Monáe. Not that we should compare crowd sizes, but the size difference between that for the ‘Tightrope’ singer and Shania Twain, who proceeded on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage, is remarkable. Sadly Monáe’s set clashed with that of Avril Lavigne, as well as, perhaps more tragically, the football.

However, Monáe (who uses they/them pronouns as well as she/her) didn’t seem fazed whatsoever. In a punchy one-hour set, they gave a performance that was filled with stunning vocals, killer moves, and on-point political messaging.

“The queers can do whatever the fuck they want to do” – Janelle Monáe

She entered the stage in some Midsommar-inspired fashion where she broke into ‘Float’ before ditching the flowery coat as she moved into ‘Champagne Shit’. Throughout


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