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Jessie Ware lights up London’s famous Alexandra Palace with ease (Image: Carsten Windhurst)

As the lights go down, soft purple and scarlet hues light the stage as a neon sign above the drapes invites us into ‘The Pearl’, signalling the intimate aesthetic of Jessie Ware’s latest world.

Where fourth album What’s Your Pleasure? asked us to get lost in the beats of smokey nightclub, on her latest record, That! Feels Good!, Ware is ready to entertain. “Welcome to the Pearl,” a male voice declares, setting the scene as backing singers and performers are introduced. “…And Mother Pearl,” he announces Ware’s arrival to a cheer that rolls through Alexandra Palace.

Rarely has a room of 10,000 felt so warm and cosy, yet this is the energy Ware elicits in her


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