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Jinkx Monsoon (Image: Danica Robinson; Design: Attitude)

It’s 10am local time for Jinkx Monsoon when we catch up via Zoom. “Sorry my camera’s off — I had a late show last night,” the star explains of the blank space before me. Though I always prefer to see someone’s face when I talk to them online, I smile when I realise it confirms the point I wanted to make during our chat — that Jinkx’s career is thriving. Indeed, she’s taking the entertainment world by, well, monsoon.

(Image: Danica Robinson)

Over the past decade, Jinkx Monsoon has become one of the most celebrated and multi-faceted performers to emerge from the illustrious ranks of RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni. Since being crowned the winner of season five in 2013 (and of All Stars


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