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Image Credit: ‘Bonus Track’

If bingeing all of season two of Heartstopper the day it dropped on Netflix left you wanting for more, never fear: There’s another queer, British coming-of-age tale headed your way—and it’s got some serious star power behind it!

Premiering next month at the long-running BFI Film Festival in London is Bonus Track, an original romantic-comedy with a musical twist that’ll hit you right in the feels.

Directed by Julia Jackman, the 2006-set story centers on 16-year-old George Bobbin (1917‘s Joe Anders) who is so obsessed with music that he’s basically got a one-track mind: He just wants to become the world’s biggest pop star.

Realistically, though, the socially awkward teen should probably just focus on the immediate: His school’s upcoming


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