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Mawaan Rizwan and Russell Tovey in Juice (Image: BBC)

The stars of the upcoming BBC sitcom, Juice, have discussed playing a “real” LGBTQ relationship on screen.

The series comes from the mind of comedian-actor Mawaan Rizwan, who stars as Jamma, a man always seeking attention.

Looking‘s Russell Tovey plays alongside Mawaan as Guy, Jamma’s more logical and more grounded boyfriend.

At a screening of the series’ first three episodes, the stars spoke about the series’ central gay relationship.

Mawaan Rizwan and Russell Tovey in Juice (Image: BBC)

Russell described it as “Heaven,” adding that he “loved it.”

Meanwhile, Mawaan explained that it was a hard one given how stuck into the characters he got over the year he spent writing the show.

“You get really stuck in ‘How this


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