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Kate Winslet has emphatically hit back at pearl-clutching critics of lesbian drama Ammonite, saying that she, above all, “champions same-sex love stories”.

Speaking to Attitude magazine, the 45-year-old actor explained how people have taken offence at its same-sex love story captures just how important telling queer stories are.

The movie sees Winslet’s real-life palaeontologist Mary Anning fall for Saoirse Ronan’s Charlotte, a waify, grief-engulfed wife of a baronet.

Both stars went to their gay friends for advice on how best to represent the queer experience on-screen – one that came very close to not being told at all.

Kate Winslet: ‘I hope that we are able to normalise same-sex connection on film’

Director Francis Lee, who also oversaw 2017’s critically-acclaimed God’s Own Country, revealed that he faced pushback from the press


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