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Keir Starmer addresses the nation in his victory speech (Image: YouTube)

Labour has won the UK 2024 election, with Sir Keir Starmer telling voters in a victory speech: “We did it!”

Sir Keir, who will today become the new prime minister, also said: “You campaigned for it, you fought for it, and now it has arrived. Change begins now.”

At the time of writing, Labour was set to win with well over 400 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, ending 14 years of Conservative rule.

“A weight has been lifted” – Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer

The Tories, meanwhile, were on 104 seats, with outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak apologising for his party’s campaign performance.

By 6:28am more than 580 seats had been declared. The BBC forecast


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