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Lady Phyll at the Attitude Awards (Image: Kit Oates/Attitude)

Political activist Lady Phyll will be taking up the very first CEO position at UK Black Pride as she steps away as leader of the Kaleidoscope Trust. 

Announcing the news via social media, UK Black Pride called the appointment “groundbreaking” and “long-awaited.”

They wrote: “After her incredible contributions as a leader at Kaleidoscope Trust, Lady Phyll will now be stepping down from her role there however she’ll be named as a patron for the organisation. 

“This appointment is a testament to Lady Phyll’s unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in championing the rights and visibility of Black and POC LGBTQ+ communities. Her expertise and passion will undoubtedly propel UK Black Pride to new heights.”

“Leading Kaleidoscope Trust over the past four years


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