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Bonafide stoner queen Laganja Estranja is more than just meme royalty.

The last few years have seen the RuPaul’s Drag Race star release a string of pop bangers, campaign tirelessly for the legalisation of marijuana and reintroduce herself to the world as a proud trans woman. Throughout all the chaos, she even made time to return to Drag Race All Stars as a lip-sync assassin, reminding the world of her charisma, charm and high-octane choreography.

Estranja’s effervescence is evident even over a long-distance call. It’s barely 10am in Los Angeles, yet she’s already finished a hot yoga session and briefly explained the story behind her Zoom screen-name, ‘C**ty’. 

“I have no idea how that became my name,” she laughs. “It gets a lot of comments though, so I decided to


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