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Jane Krakowski is very proud of Dickinson for representing Emily’s queerness.

Bonafide gay icon Jane Krakowski plays poet Emily Dickinson’s very traditional mother in Apple TV’s Dickinson – and while her character is conservative, Krakowski is most definitely not.

She is beloved by the LGBT+ community for her camp, over-the-top performances, and she doesn’t disappoint in Dickinson. When she first got the script for the show, its exploration of Emily’s queerness – and the feminist slant on the story – helped to draw her in.

Dickinson delves into the poet’s sexuality, depicting her passionate relationship with her sister-in-law Sue – a talking point that scholars have pored over for years.

Krakowski speaks of her pride at being part of a story that has “adjusted the true story” of Emily Dickinson’s life, paving the way for her


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