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This year’s Lesbian Visibility Week takes place between 26 April and 2 May.

To celebrate the week-long event we’ve compiled a list of some essential books written by and about lesbians that you need to add to your bookshelf.

From inspirational memoirs to personal essays and feel-good stories to important historical texts, there’s plenty to get started with.

Lesbian Visibility Week was created by DIVA publisher Linda Riley “both to celebrate lesbians and show solidarity with all LGBT+ women and non-binary people in our community”.

PinkNews recently honoured 19 lesbians making the world a better place featuring the likes of Kehlani, Billie Jean King, Karine Jean-Pierre, Mhairi Black and Sarah Paulson.

Below you can find 12 books from contemporary to classic, written by or about lesbians and where to get


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