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Bisi Alimi (Image: Markus Bidaux/Attitude)

Bisi Alimi has unfinished business in Nigeria. The British-Nigerian activist set up his self-named Foundation in 2015 in response to the passing of Nigeria’s Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act in 2013. That law was influenced by Bisi’s historic coming-out on Nigerian TV in 2004 when he was a soap actor. After his experiences with Rainbow Intersection, the Kaleidoscope Trust, the Naz Project London, and The Initiative for Equal Rights, Bisi realised he could help accelerate change in his home country. Bit by bit, the PEUGEOT Attitude Pride Awards-winner is getting there.

Growing up in Lagos was a mixture of “the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between,” says Bisi, who hails from a religious home with a Muslim father and an evangelical Christian


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