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Lithuanian MEP Viktor Uspaskich has been ordered to apologise for anti-LGBT+ remarks or face removal from his political grouping.

Uspaskich, who represents Lithuania’s centre-left Labour Party in the European Parliament, faced anger over a live Facebook video.

In the clip on Sunday, he claimed: “Today, in some European countries, it is dangerous to say that you are a representative of natural orientation, it has already become dangerous.”

Referring to LGBT+ people with a homophobic slur, he continued: “Most of these people do not advertise, but those who put their d**k under a skirt and go into the street and shout, they are perverts, and such things must not be tolerated.”

Lithuanian MEP Viktor Uspaskich challenged over ‘disgusting  homophobic hate speech’

The video was called out by Tomas Vytautas Raskevičius, the


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