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A man living in Italy has been murdered by his ex-boyfriend.

Hu Congliang, 20, was killed by his 17-year-old ex-partner and his underage friends after he reportedly threatened to release explicit images of him after he was dumped.

Police, who are questioning the five suspects responsible for the murder, believe the 17-year-old invited his friends to Congliang’s apartment where they suffocated him with a pillow and stuffed his body into a suitcase.

Deputy police chief Marcello Castello told local media: “From what we understand so far, the punitive mission was prompted by the photographs.”

The murder occurred in Modena, Italy

“All five say they don’t speak Italian, which we don’t believe. They are all underage and have been utterly impassive. Just like their parents, who have been completely uncooperative.”



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