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Megan (left) and Whitney Bacon-Evans (Image: Markus Bidaux/Attitude; Design: Richard Burn/Attitude)

Wife-and-wife Whitney and Megan Bacon-Evans have been sharing their love story online for almost 15 years. What started as a blog to document their initial long-distance relationship between Hawaii and the UK has blossomed into something much bigger, where they’re now using their considerable platform to fight discrimination against same-sex couples seeking fertility treatment on the NHS. It is in recognition of this sterling work that they have won a PEUGEOT Attitude Pride Award.

After setting up home in the UK, in 2020 Whitney and Megan began their journey to parenthood. But they were shocked to discover the barriers that female same-sex couples looking to conceive with IVF face compared to their heterosexual counterparts. According to National Institute for


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