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Wayne County, Michigan’s Election Board has finally voted to certify the results of the election after outcry over two Republican board members, Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, who refused to certify the Detroit portion of the county’s results that didn’t favor Donald Trump.

Racism pure and simple

— Mark Brewer (@MarkBrewerDems) November 17, 2020

No surprise here: ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ puppet ⁦@MIGOPChair⁩ Laura Cox openly endorses the racism of her fellow Wayne County GOPers

— Mark Brewer (@MarkBrewerDems) November 18, 2020

A frivolous appeal: every judge – Democratic and @gop appointees alike – who’s reviewed these claims has unanimously found them meritless

— Mark Brewer (@MarkBrewerDems) November 17, 2020

Monica Palmer & William Hartmann refuse to certify election results in Wayne


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