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Miley Cyrus released the cherry-flavored Dua Lipa collaboration “Prisoner” on Thursday night along with a video which features the pop megastars on the road at the wheel of a tour bus that then gets parked for a wild party ahead of a stage performance. The video was directed By Alana O’Herlihy and Cyrus.

Writes NME: “‘Prisoner’ also sees the stars draw influence from Olivia Newton-John’s raunchy ’80s classic ‘Physical’ – but in true 2020 spirit, this track is about feeling trapped in your own emotions rather than lusty contact (hardly COVID-friendly). Packed with attitude and big on Thelma and Louise energy, the track gives Dua’s excitably shiny ‘Future Nostalgia’ space to shine without forcing Miley out of the spotlight. They elevate each other rather than competing. If


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