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Forthcoming PlayStation 5 (PS5) exclusive Returnal has a new trailer showing off its enemy designs.

The PS5 game is a roguelike third-person shooter developed by Housemarque, where the alien world shifts around you each time you die.

A number of imposing enemies are shown in the PS5 trailer, from the leaping Titanops, to the mechanical Automaton and the insect-like Gorgolith. 

Then there’s the darkly angelic Ixion, the fungal Mycomorph, and even a being that resembles lead character Selene.

She leaps and dodges around their bullet-hell shots of coloured plasma, a necessarily agile heroine in a twisted alien hellscape.

In a PlayStation blog, creative director Harry Krueger explains the creative process in designing the enemies.

“When creating the organic enemies of Returnal, one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me


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