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Newport Beach Marina (Image: Provided)

An hour outside busy Los Angeles, there’s a definite change of vibe as you enter the quieter streets of Newport Beach.

The loud and congested highways melt away, replaced by pristine boulevards lined with towering palm trees and lush green vegetation. It’s clean, peaceful, and delightfully suburban.

Over five days, I was able to experience an array of delights to create a handy guide for your next trip Stateside.

The Newport Beach area (Image: Provided) A beach (Image: Provided) Newport Beach (Image: Provided) Balboa Village (Image: Jeff Mindell) The Harbour (Image: Provided) Newport Beach Marina (Image: Provided) Accommodation Vea Newport Beach A shot of VEA Newport Beach (Image: Provided)

Vea, the first of Marriott’s new soft brands, is well situated for making


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