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Originally From: Attitude

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Attitude returns to NYC Downlow (Image: Kamil Kustoz and Anita Zenhofer)

I’m backstage at The NYC Downlow, without question Glastonbury’s most decadently hedonistic late-night homo hangout. DJs, drag queens, leather daddies, devious queerdos, and leathered-up dykes mill around as they prepare to give the crowd another night of excess from the UK’s finest show queens.

Across the way, I spot Chester Hayes with Jane Norman and The Doll Named Dan having a natter as I chat joyful gibberish to Jacqui Potato and Alexus Deluxe. Mimi Chanel, Jacob Love, and Coco Darling saunter past towards the changing room, and I extend my arms to give each a huge hug. Already I feel their energy seeping in, giving me life. When Jonny Woo walks on stage head to toe in silver and


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