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As Omar Apollo continues to promote his new music, there’s one more trick up his trouser-leg.

The singer-songwriter recently posted that his dick going to ‘be in the MoMa’, and the painting – which was also used as artwork for the EP – has since been revealed online.

My dicks about to be in the MoMa if any of my friends wanna pull up text me

— Omar Apollo (@omarapollo) October 25, 2023

Omar Apollo painted by Doron Langberg for the “Live For Me” Vinyl

— Fashion Faguette (@fashionfaguette) October 27, 2023

Naturally, some replies were nothing short of outright thirst:

Omar is this painting true to life??? Like Length, width, and shade wise??

— Robert, Boochie King (@roberttyl22) September 28,


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